Bed Bugs: They Eat Like Pigs

Bed Bugs are not going to earn any accolades from Emily Post. “Frenzied” and “Messy” are the best ways to describe their eating habits.
They feed only on blood, usually of mammals or birds, and mate by “traumatic insemination.”
It may take 3-12 minutes for one bug to feed to completion.
About 20% of the time, adult bed bugs and large nymphs will leave remains of earlier blood meals while feeding.  This produces the typical rusty or tarry spots seen on bed sheets or in bug hiding places
They feed repeatedly, but each of the five nymphal stages must have at least one blood meal before it can develop to the next stage.  As well, females must feed in order to produce eggs.
Adult bed bugs may feed every three to five days throughout their estimated six to 12 month life span.
The act of biting a host can cause both physical and psychological discomfort, and can result in local allergic skin reactions to injected salivary proteins