Bed Bugs in Apartments & Condos

We know many college students have just moved into their new apartments or condominiums.  Now that you have been in your new place for a few weeks, you may have noticed some signs of bed bugs.  A1 specializes in pest control for condominiums and apartment communities. If you notice anything you may think could be a bed bug infestation, contact your property management as soon as possible.

We can work directly with tenants or property manager. We provide bed bug services, integrated pest management programs and rodent control services. A1 Exterminators always provides the latest and most successful techniques, methods and treatments. Our approach makes it easy to say goodbye to unwanted “guests.”

  • An A1 inspector will locate and identify your bed bug, insect or rodent problem, analyze the situation and design a cost effective plan to solve your pest invasion problems.
  • You will receive a custom proposal, with a plan designed to address and effectively control your pest management problems.
  • A1 technicians administer and continually monitor your pest management program to ensure the highest quality of service.
  • A1 will respond to emergency visits and provide regular customized, periodic checks of the property.
  • We offer specialized extermination services for bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and pantry pests.
  • Our rodent control services for individual units and common areas will be provided. Additional services for rodents outside the one covered like Bats and Squirrels, are also available.

We work with you to provide a pest-free environment and give you detailed reports on sanitation and other pertinent areas.

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