Bed Bugs During Winter Months

It’s cold outside, but you’re nice and warm inside and not worried about bugs in the winter months.  However, pest control is just as important in the colder months than it is in the summer months. Even bed bugs don’t disappear during the cold season.  Which is just one more reason bed bugs are so annoying; they can easily survive colder months.
Many believe a decrease in bed bug sightings during the winter means their home is now clear of bed bugs without professional treatment. While bed bug activity might slow down during colder and less humid months, it indicates bugs are simply less active – not dead.bed_bug_1
A research at the University of Minnesota found that short-term, bed bugs survive temperatures as low -13 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to kill off bed bug eggs, you must expose them to 3 degrees Fahrenheit for almost four days. It would be pretty chilly to live in those temperatures for four days.
Unless you’re in an Arctic environment, bed bugs easily survive the temperature, sunlight and humidity conditions of most winters. As soon as temperatures warm up, their activity increases before peaking in warm summer months. You must stay watchful for bed bug infestations all year long.
So how do you know if you’re snuggling up with some of these pesky pests this winter? Here are a few signs it’s time to call a professional:
Usually the first indication that you have a bed bug infestation, red itchy bites appear on you or a family member. These can appear anywhere but typically first appear on the arms and shoulders. Unlike other bugs that leave a random bite pattern, bedbugs tend to leave their marks in straight rows. Again, bites often decrease during winter months, but a few bites are a few bites too many.
Tiny unexplained bloodstains on sheets and mattresses often mean you’ve missed the signs of bed bug bites. These stains reveal crushed bed bugs. Bed bug excrement appears as red or rust-colored stains about the size of a printed comma with a halo of lighter pigment.
Although bed bugs are hard to find, you can see actual bed bugs when looking carefully. Check the seams of mattresses and fabric furniture closely, especially at night when the bugs are most active. You can also find bed bugs in small spaces without fabric, such as drawer joints and electrical outlets. Your nose often leads you to these pests as well. Bed bugs release a sweet odor, which may be more prominent in the winter due to decreased ventilation from open doors and windows.
If you believe you may have a bed bugs infestation in your home, contact us to remove them and stop them from spreading further. Contact us at 800-525-4825 or visit our website for more information on bed bugs.

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