Bed Bugs in Greater Boston | Are you living in a Hotspot?


‘Thanks for letting me crash at your place, Boston!’ -Thousands of bed bugs (Boston Magazine)

For decades, bed bugs have made Boston their home. These pests are known residents of East Boston, Downtown, Backbay, Brookline, Allston, and Brighton.

What causes bed bugs in Boston?

Hand-me-down furniture is the perfect Trojan Horse for bed bugs. Every year around September 1st, students and renters bless the streets and sidewalks with their unwanted furnishings. This yearly migration of furniture has been dubbed, Allston Christmas

“Allston Christmas, from a bed bug’s point of view, has got to still be a useful tool for city domination. How many hapless undergrads are, at this very second, escorting the critters into their homes? One shudders to think.” – Boston Magazine

Noah Druckenbrod moves out of his Allston apartment on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016. (Joe Difazio for WBUR)

So, what do bed bugs look like?

Wanted: Have you seen this bed bug?

Source: Twitter @KnowBedBugs

  • Bed bug eggs are white and pear-shaped. When they first hatch, bed bugs are clear and lighter in color. As they get older, they become browner.

  • Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown, flat, and oval. If you look closely, you can see short, golden-colored hairs. Bed bugs do not have wings. They give off a musty, sweetish odor. After they eat, they become swollen and dark red.

Provided by Mass.Gov


What happens if I’m bitten?

Although it’s rare to have serious reactions from bed bug bites, it’s possible. If you or a family member has been bitten by a bed bug, consider their health history and seek medical attention immediately if symptoms exceed typical itchy small red bumps. 

“In most people, bed bug bites don’t cause any serious health problems and the bite marks disappear within a few weeks. In some people, bite marks may be enlarged or more painful swollen welts, and are more painful and itchy. In rare cases, bed bug bites can cause serious reactions in some people.”Cleveland Clinic.


How do I get rid of bed bugs?

It’s impossible to completely get rid of bed bugs without professional help. Bed bugs can burrow deep into unlikely places, like the bedframe itself, under peeled-up wallpaper, or even behind wall outlets.

A1 Exterminators use K-9 detection to whiff-out bed bugs in every nook and cranny. If the bed bugs aren’t wholly exterminated, they will simply come back – again and again. 

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