Are Flies Harmful?

Common houseflies, blow flies, and flesh flies do not bite, but they do carry certain diseases. This makes it important to find natural ways to kill flies.

To understand why flies spread various diseases, take a look at their unique feeding habit. Flies land and feed on decaying organic matter that contains bacteria, and then land on your food that’s sitting unprotected on your indoor dinner table or at an outdoor picnic.

Their mouths also consist of proboscises. The proboscises are curled up under the flies’ heads while flying. A fly uncurls the proboscis to release saliva and other digestive juices onto food and to take in the juices created by doing so.

Flies also land on feces of animals and humans, garbage, rotting animals, and spoiled foods. These items can contain bacteria, fungi, and other potentially harmful germs. Flies can easily spread the bacteria and other germs when they come inside your home. Once you consume the food flies land on, the bacteria may begin to multiply and could make you sick.

To prevent yourself from contracting diseases that flies carry, it’s important to learn how to keep flies away by understanding their habitat and how to control them.

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