A1 Exterminator's Services

We Meet The Needs of:
Small Business and Offices
Major Industry
Food Handling Companies and Facilities
Health care organizations
Shopping centers and malls
Hotels, commercial property and residences
Government buildings
Apartment houses and residential communities
We have been successfully exterminating uninvited guests from homes for over 50 years. All of the materials used in the living area of your home meet or exceed state and local regulatory requirements. Our Licensed Technicians use ODORLESS products that are applied with modern effective equipment. We offer our Pest Prevention Plan to keep your home pest free.
Condos & Apartments
A1 specializes in pest control for condominiums and apartment communities. We’ve been providing service throughout New England to the top property management companies for decades. Working directly with tenants to help eliminate additional work for property managers that need that extra attention. We provide bed bug services, integrated pest management programs, and rodent control services for both small and large properties.
Our A1 pest control technicians are licensed and certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Pesticide Bureau, the New Hampshire Division of Pesticide Control and the Maine Department of Agriculture, and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, guaranteeing the highest level of professional competence. Ongoing training ensures that A1 professionals always provide the latest and most effective techniques and methods.

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