Summer Pest Control in Massachusetts

Protecting Your Massachusetts Home from Ants, Termites and other Summer Pests.


Here are the summer bugs in MA and NH areas that could be bugging you this season. Ants and termites are very active in the summer. Ants seen inside have been successful in finding moisture to sustain themselves. This moisture may have come from condensation from water pipes or from leaks around plumbing — leaks you may not even be aware of or have since repaired, such as leaky dishwashers, sinks or toilets.

  • Automatic lawn sprinklers are working overtime and are providing watering holes for ants.
  • With outdoor bird feeders in use, mice may have discovered a tasty food source.
  • Insects and rodents may be burrowing in your thick garden mulch, which also provides ground up tree food and moisture for termites and ants.
  • Mulch placed against the foundation provides an entrance way for ants and other insects to get into the house.
  • Damp mulch that isn’t treated and raked over twice per year develops white fungus underneath, where termites are often found.
  • Flying insects like yellow jackets, hornets and wasp look for and find nesting locations around the house and will often find their way inside your home.
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