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> Should We Say Goodbye to Any Bugs You May Have Seen??

Well, the last couple days have been really nice out but the forecast for today and tomorrow seem to bring us back to winter. This last week almost felt like the groundhog was wrong; children were out playing basketball and riding bikes, kids ripping their coats off and parents out for walks. But it doesn’t look the same for this weekend, with possible signs of snow today and tomorrow, any insects that may have roamed around on you porch will be out of sight. But not for long! It looks as of now that all next week will be high 40’s and sunny, will we have an early spring? Keep your eyes open, do you see any ants, bees, maybe ladybugs? Spring is just around the corner, officially 5 ½ weeks away, and the first signs of spring are flowers and insects.
If you want to get an early start with pest control give us a call and we can plan an initial pest prevention survey, http://www.a1exterminators.com/index.html

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> Spring in February

So the weather was beautiful yesterday and looks to be about the same today so don’t be surprised if you happen to see signs of spring insects soon. No, it’s not spring yet, and yes we still have about 6 more weeks or so of winter according to Punxsutawney Phil, but 6 weeks can fly by. So start to get ready for termites, bedbugs, mice, flies, ants, wasps, roaches, asian lady beetles and lots more. Insects that have over wintered become active and swarm in the spring, especially ants and termites, for starters.

If you have started to see signs of spring insects contact A1 Exterminators today,


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> Super Bowl Sunday!!

Yes, Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow, and with the Patriots in the Super Bowl this year I am sure we will all be watching. But what is the thing we most of us love most about Super Bowl Sunday? The commercials!

And a surprising fact about the Super Bowl Sunday Commercials, there is more times than not, at least 1 commercial based around bugs as the selling point. That’s right, bugs; there has been talk of using insects in this year’s Chevrolet Volt Ad during Super Bowl.  What about last year, using black beetles during the Volkswagon commercial or in 2009 the insect kingdom in the coca cola commercial.

 It seems more years than not we use insects in our commercial, I haven’t yet figured out why, is it because we have all seen them, and we all know how to react to them? Yes, the polar bear coca cola commercials always reminds me of Christmas, the first time I see one I know Christmas is here, but a polar bear, most people have never really seen one, and yes, polar bears remind us of the north pole.

But insects, that is something we all have seen, in the sidewalk cracks, on your porch, in the trees in your garden and sometimes, unfortunately, in your home.

 And when you happen to see them in your home, give us a call, A1 Exterminators, we can take care of your insect problems right away. http://www.a1exterminators.com/

So sit back and relax, watch our Patriots win this year’s Super Bowl, and when you are done, clean up your snacks, so those insects on the screen don’t try to find a place to live in your home. And if they do, remember A1 Exterminators.

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> Residential Pest Control Services

Initial Pest Prevention Survey

We inspect your home, identifying existing and potential problems.

We Treat All Unfinished Attic Areas

This treatment penetrates deep into eaves and inaccessible areas to control ants, silverfish, spiders, and free flying insects such as wasps and cluster flies.

We Only Apply the Most Effective Specifically Selected Products

Treatments are applied in the cracks and crevices where pests live and breed, keeping your family and home protected from unwanted invaders.

We Apply A Protective Barrier

Around the entire outside perimeter of your home to deter and control crawling insects from entering your home.

We Install Specially Designed Traps

And tamper resistant rodent stations in the basement to control invading rodents.

Termite Early Warning System

Termite monitoring devices will be installed around the perimeter of your home to aid in the early detection of termites.

On-Going Protection

Our pest prevention plan provides you with on-going protection and includes (3) visits per year.

Should you encounter any problems, just give us a call and we will retreat any problem areas without additional charge.

Call A1 at 1-800-525-4825 (1-800-499-5866 for Cape Cod) to solve your pest management problems!


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