Carpenter Ant Control

About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are among the largest ants and are black or dark brownish-red colored. They are about ¼”-⅜” long. Carpenter ants are very common in Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas. They prefer damp environments so they survive quite nicely with our weather near the coast. Warmer weather and moisture in the spring in attracts carpenter ants as they look for a new home. These ants make paths through the wood in your home and feed on any type of food or drinks that might have been spilled around your home. The queen can lay up to 15-20 eggs at a time, while the workers expand their home by digging through the wood.

Carpenter Ants Are Damaging to Your Home

Carpenter Ants do not spread any diseases to humans, but they can be very damaging to the structure of your home. Carpenter ants tunnel through wood and in large numbers can cause major damage to your home. They cause billions of dollars of damage each year! If you see one, chances are there is already a colony set up, damaging wood in or around the outside of your home. Call A1 Exterminators immediately to check and treat for carpenter ants.


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Facts about Ants

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