Bird Removal

A1 Exterminators removing and treating building for English Sparrows that had created multiple nesting sites around the building and pecked holes in foam insulation.

Bird Control

Birds and nuisance animals found in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine.


Birds can be a real nuisance pest around your home or business. In New England, there are many restaurants and tourist spots near water where that  tend to attract seagulls, pigeons and other types of birds.

Bird droppings can pose serious health risks. In addition to the health hazards, bird droppings will cause damage to your property by dissolving paint, eroding metal, and causing concrete and stonework to crumble.  Nests birds create can clog gutters which will cause water to backup and possibly structural damage.  Nests that impair ventilation systems will create fire hazards. Mites from birds are also a health hazard to humans.

After thorough inspection, A1 Exterminators trained professionals will remove the birds humanely and remove accessible nesting material. Our experienced technicians will treat for bird mites as well as seal any openings to prevent birds from returning and causing further damage.

If you have a problem with birds, wildlife or any other pest, let A1 Exterminators take care of it! Call (800) 525-4825.


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It’s Your Yard. Defend It. Against Mosquitoes And Ticks.

A1 Exterminators is now offering an Organic Mosquito and Tick Program.
“You can expect up to a 70-90% reduction in mosquito and tick populations around your home…. less pests and less risks of diseases”

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Pests can Trigger Allergy Symptoms

May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month! Can you guess which common household pests are frequent triggers of allergy and asthma symptoms, especially in children?

Household pests such as cockroaches and rodents are also known to trigger asthma and allergy symptoms, if you think you have a cockroach or rodent infestation, contact A1 Exterminators to inspect your property for a…

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Learn the Difference Between Ants & Termites

Learn the difference between termites and ants.  Termite damage can cost you thousands to repair.  Be careful not to mistake termites for ants.

Contact A1 Exterminators for a full inspection of your property to determine the pest you may have.


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Spring Cleaning Advice to Keep Pests at Bay

Now that spring has finally arrived, and the weather conditions are beginning to improve along the east coast, many homeowners will be spending the next couple of weekends tackling their spring cleaning to-do lists. If you are one of these people, make sure that you address the pest hot spots around your home in between wiping down the windows…

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Fleas Can Cause Real Harm

Don’t take a flea infestation lightly if you have pets. Fleas are actually parasites and after a while they can make your animals become very sick.

They produce offspring very quickly and spread like wildfire. Your pets can suffer from serious diseases from fleas, such as tapeworm, Pulicosis, and cat scratch fever.


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Mosquito Season is Starting Up

We are hoping for some long summer days and balmy nights spent outside in the upcoming months, but those can quickly be ruined by the telltale buzz of a relentless mosquito on the hunt for its next meal. The itchy, red reminders mosquitoes leave behind should be enough of an indication to take precautions against these pests, but A1…

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Mealmoths Can Come Home In Your Groceries

Mealmoths can be brought into your home with your groceries.  The Indian Meal Moth is found more often than any other on stored food and grain pantry pest in the United States. Since they feed on any items containing grain or cereal products, the Indian Meal Moth alone is responsible for most of the insect problems associated with the…

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