8-Step Program for Bed Bug Pest Control in Massachusetts

A1’s bed bug pest control treatment is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to bed bug control in Massachusetts. It combines all available methods of exterminating bed bugs to ensure effective elimination. A1 can customize your bed bug treatment by leveraging any of our techniques– K-9 bed bug inspection, bed bug education and essential knowledge, our powerful bed bug heat treatment, insecticide, fumigation and verification of bed bug elimination.

You can never by too methodical, comprehensive or thorough in bed bug elimination. Introducing the A1 Exterminator’s 8-Step Program!


Bed_Bug_inspectionConsultation & Inspection: Visual inspection by trained A1 professional or K-9 scent detection.




Bed_Bug_educationEducation: What you need to know about bed bugs and what you can do to prevent additional problems.




Bed_Bug_preparationPreparation: What you can do before we arrive to make treatment successful.





Bed_Bug_heat_treatmentHeat Treatment: By our powerful computer monitored 450,000 BTU Heatwave system. Our expert inspectors will advise you if heat treatment is necessary; not all instances require heat treatment to eradicate bed bugs.




Bed_Bug_insecticide_treatmentInsecticide Treatment: Insecticide Treatment with long lasting residual insecticides for long lasting results.




Bed_Bug_fumigationGas Fumigation: Gas Fumigation of all your furniture and belongings in sealed containers or treatment of your entire home by our specially trained and licensed fumigation team is 100% effective.



Bed_Bug_k9_verificationK-9 Verification of Elimination





Bed_Bug_A1_visitsFollow Up A1 Visits: As part of an on-going program to detect and eliminate new infestations.




For treatments in your home, business, apartment, hotel and more, call A1 Exterminators at 1-800-525-4825 (1-800-499-5866 for Cape Cod) for bed bug pest control in Massachusetts and New Hampshire!

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